Paint Progress: “The Merm” – Remastered 1 of 2

I was taking a painting class, in college 2 years ago, and we were asked to participate in the School’s Gallery for a Pop-Up show. The Pop-Up show lasted 1 night. It was a small charity event that allowed all the art classes of that semester to showcase and sell their art, and if they sold anything a small portion was donated to the Gallery. My piece was actually a trio set of rotunda canvases where I spent more time on 1 of the 3 canvases (you can find a picture of it on my Instagram its a group of manatees with mustaches). The other 2 were supposed to be lovely mermaids, but they were a travesty. Looking back on it now I am so embarrassed that I actually set them up in the Gallery (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ ) The sad part is I expected to sell my paintings for a decent amount of money,… of course they didn’t sell. 9 weeks ago I decided to revamp the two pieces to see how much my painting technique has improved. Enjoy this picture spread on 1 of the pieces, I’ll be working on the other piece for a while updates coming soon!! (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)



Here she is hanging up on my wall. I’m super happy with the results although I do wish I could have done a better job on the hair, but I’m just not that great with hair yet. I’m still improving on my painting technique, but in the end its a HUGE improvement from  2014. She may not have pupils OR eyebrows, but that’s just how I wanted her.

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