Little Surprise | Doki Doki Box Review

Oopsie! I did it again, I got another Doki Doki Crate ~

Doki Doki Crate is a monthly subscription box that has a total of 10 or so items shipped directly to your doorstep from Japan, at the beginning of every month. I really like getting a surprise in a box every month, but I promised myself I would stop for a while to ease up on my wallet. Of course, being me, I forgot to cancel my subscription for the coming month and I received this little guy in my July box! I actually REALLY liked what I got in my box this month and I’m kinda happy forgot to unsubscribe. My favorite things from this months box are the Rilakkuma towel, Kingy to Remon plushie and the lucky little froggy  charm (^▽^)

doki doki crate
lucky froggy charm
kawaii mini tattoos
kingy to remon plushie and charms
towlet, fan & rilakkuma towel


Although my Doki Doki box is always fun to get I really need to work on saving money now. ; __ ; Oh well, I’ll still enjoy my little surprise~

❤ ghostbuns

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