Paint Progress: Rini’s One Bedroom Apt.

Here is a few progress shots of my newest project ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ





This is the very first mini painting I did for the Teeny Weeny series I’m working on, Mini One Bedroom Apt. I hope you can easily tell by the Pegacorn poster and Luna P ball that this is infact Rini’s room (sailor mini moon) ~ it was very tedious working in such a small canvas, but I really enjoyed it and actually I found it very relaxing if you can believe it!! You can expect to see more mini bedroom progress shots for the rest of the sailor scouts~

The inspiration behind this series came from one of my favorite artists named @hizgii, on instagram. She has a beautifull, unique style of art and her mini bedroom’s are the cutest! I got my hands on these tiny canvases whe a good friend of mine left them lying around in our art class and I decided to take them in. For the longest time I just had them taking up storage space, but after witnessing Hizgii’s ideas, I was really inspired to make little bedrooms for the sailor scouts. As a lover of all things Sailor Moon, I decided to paint my version of what the sailor scout’s, single bedroom, would look like.

I hope you enjoyed my process and the little back story behind my little idea! Check my inspirations and don’t forget to follow me on instagram for more art!


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