Paint Progress: Ange

Ange is a painting that I was inspired to do, because of a little Monthly Draw Challenge I was a part of in November. The Draw Challenge was hosted by PopSugarArtists on instagram! There was a list of themes, to gain inspiration to draw something for everyday of the month relating to the theme of the day. Because of that challenge I created an original character named Ange, who is a guardian angel that watches over humanity and tries her best to take care of little humans that pray to her for protection. Ange had many little adventures through out the month of November, if you are interested in seeing her sketches please visit my instagram: ghostbuns.

Another reason why I chose to paint Ange, was because of an art collective I am a part of that auctions art on their instagram account. It sounds a bit weird, but it’s actually really cool! They are mostly focused in helping artists sell their art work through their instagram account. The artists are mostly from San Diego the art that is being sold are COMPLETELY original pieces, from a bunch of cool artist’s you wouldn’t normally see at a fancy gallery. It’s difficult to get into a fancy gallery, TRUST ME!  Check out Socal.Art.Co if you are interested! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I really loved painting Ange. She has a serene facial expression that makes me so happy whenever I look at her! Her darker skin tone is really nice against the light blue background and I love how I blended the shadows on her neck. My only dissatisfaction with this painting is that her hair isn’t that greatly defined. I really do need to work on hair as an artist, but the over all look of Ange makes me so happy!

I hope you like Ange too~

ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ ghostbuns


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