Paint Progress: A Bunny Lover’s Dream

This little painting was so much trouble for me, but the results were far beyond my expectations!! ୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨ I started with a totally different marker sketch/concept. In the first picture you can kind of see the remnants of my original concept, there are butterfly parts peaking through the paint that never made it to the end. I wish I took consecutive progress shots, but sometimes I forget to take pictures when I’m ‘in the zone‘.

I started off with wanting my little heroine to have some hair peak through her hat. I loved the blueish/greenish color I made for her hair, but I was having a really hard time coming up with a hairstyle that I liked. After a stressful couple of hours messing with the hair, I realized I couldn’t manipulate her the way I wanted. So I let the stubborn little painting guide me on how she wanted to be, things really went smooth after that. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و


The background is one of my favorite parts about this painting, but I really do love everything as a whole!! I had difficulties with so many little sections for example, the little bunnies on the bottom, the hair, and the background. The bunnies were originally going to have a smooth coat of white fur, but I spontaneously decided to give their fur a bit of texture with my pallet knife! This proved to be difficult to apply delicately since my pallet knife was not the convenient shape for the job. Somehow I manged and the result I’m very happy with!

The background was going to be a solid bluish/greenish color after I decided the hair was going to be omitted. I sill wanted to incorporate that oceanic color into my painting, and if it wasn’t going to be the hair, then it would be the background! She wasn’t going to have her way entirely! I also used my pallet knife to splotch on different colors along with the blue green paint. The texture from the pallet knife would be unlikely to replicate with a regular brush. I LOVE the pallet knife! even though I only have one shape, I hope to buy more of all kinds of shapes/sizes soon!!

Lastly, as usual, under spontaneous inspiration I decided to add a little bling to the background with fine little rhine stone details and cute shimmery stickers of bunnies! I can’t wait to play more with adding stickers to my paintings.

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ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ ghostbuns


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